La Tercera

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Celebrating the epic Albiceleste conquest of LA TERCERA. 2022 now joins the other two stars conquered in 1986 and 1978.

Starting with the wrong foot against Saudi Arabia, many critics sentenced Argentina to a quick elimination on the tournament. The Argentine squad united around its idol (La Pulga) and match after match they conquered the hearths of the football fans. It will remain forever in football’s history the epic clash between the Argentines and the Dutch in a game unsuitable for people with heart conditions. The final against France didn’t stay behind, with 3 goals for each side and an epic performance from the French star Mbappé. In the end it was all decided in the cruellest way, penalties. There, La Pulga and his army showed no mercy, with the goalkeeper Martinez shining once again.

LA TERCERA was all about a nation and a team supporting their football god, writing a beautiful fairytale poem next to the ones wrote by EL PIBE in the football book of eternity.

  • Includes a gift sticker with the illustration that inspired this piece
  • Unique design by invited artists
  • Pure and exclusive fashion product - no official claim


80% Combed Cotton | 17% Polyamide | 3% Elastane

Made in Portugal


Wash the socks inside out at temperatures not higher than 40ºC (140ºF). Don't dry, dry clean or iron.

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